Rec & Park Survey – please add your voice

Let the City know we want “Permanent” pickleball courts at Presidio Wall Park.
We are asking our members to complete the attached on-line survey from Rec & Parks.

It only takes a couple of minutes.

Just make sure:

1. You highlight Presidio Wall Park

2. Express interest in getting “PERMANENT” courts
(so we don’t have to constantly put up, take down, replace, buy temporary nets)

3. At end of survey …. you must click DONE button to have response counted.

Your leadership team (Bill, Ward, Alycia, Gay)

Collectively we have a large voice … we need to make it heard.

USAPA Pickleball Official Rules – 2020 Updates

Ever wonder what the rules say when your watch flies off and lands in the non-volley zone as you are making that perfect dink return winner?

Well, here’s a link to the USAPA Rule Book : . And here’s the changes-only document for 2020.


p.s. the answer is it’s a fault. See rule 9.C

Holiday Party – A good time was had by all

Venue/Schedule Updates

PB schedule updates – Holiday and Spring 2020 sessions

  • Holiday schedule:  Only Hamilton will close the last two weeks of 2019.  Last play day 12/17, resumes Jan 7.
    All other locations will be open per schedule except closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day (1/1/2020).  Season’s greetings everyone.
  •  Eureka Valley has added a TH afternoon session from 12:15 to 3:15 concurrent with Upper Noe and Glen Park to help relieve overcrowding.  EV session are recommended for advanced players.

Please visit our website for complete venue information details.

Play at Julius Kahn – video August 13th