December 2018

Hello Pickleball Players, Future Pickleball Players, and Great Supporters of Pickleball

Wow I can’t believe that it has been eight months since I was first introduced to this game with a funny name, a game called “Pickleball.”  The noise of the paddle hitting a whiffle ball was strange and sort of annoying.  It did not take long for that “bok, bok” sound to become an aphrodisiac, a song that draws you like a good lover.  Within a couple of weeks, I purchased a paddle, and from that point on I was hooked.

As fun and competitive as the game is, it would not attract as many people if it weren’t for the people already playing the sport.   At Golden Gate Park the players adopt all newcomers as their babies and help them grow with paddle in hand.  I am witnessing more than double the number of dedicated players since I started.  I have played with people from all parts of the United States and from around the world.  When I started there were four courts available and hardly a wait to play.  Now we put up six courts, and we could have a dozen players waiting, but the wait is eased with good conversation with our extended family of players.

As a Pickleball player I know that I can go to just about any city in the world and probably find Pickleball courts and friendly players.  It’s a great community, but now let’s focus on playing the game.

Pickle Relish Mitch