No matter what your level of play, in the game everyone needs to feel his or her CORE.

What is your CORE?

It is your balance and how you create your smoothness and power in your strokes.  Pickleball strokes are different than golf, tennis, baseball or any other sport that uses hip or waist turn to generate the stroke.  In Pickleball 90% of your shots, your shoulders are parallel to the net or perpendicular to the ball coming towards you. The paddle should be in front of you and your knees should be bent to achieve your best balance.  With this balance, one should be able to move in any direction with ease.  When you are balanced the only other motion you want is a forward push from your paddle towards the ball whether it with the back or fore hand.

There are other components for hitting the ball, but the best way to start being more consistent is to know Your CORE.