The Pacific Heights Neighborhood Association – a friend to Pickleball.

It’s not easy to get new court facilities in San Francisco.  It helps to have demand data, location suitability information and friends in the neighborhood supporting the quest to locate courts in their area.  Rec & Park often calls neighborhood meetings soliciting feedback from the local community to gauge the level of support for any proposal.

For those of you who play at Presidio Wall, you’re familiar with the good and bad aspects of the court facility.  We work with Rec & Park to make improvements and seek positive change.  Support for certain changes has included input from the SF District Supervisor and comments from the local Pacific Heights Residents Association.  Presidio Wall Pickleball has benefitted from their endorsement and we want to continue to be in their good graces.  It would be beneficial if we had more local residents become members of the association.

If you live, own, or run a business in the area between Van Ness to Presidio Ave, and Union to Bush St. we urge you to check out  They have been super-supportive and we want them to meet more Pickleballers to understand what a great community we really are!