Outdoor Venues in SF

San Francisco has a variety of outdoor locations for Pickleball play.  There are 3 facilities with permanent nets – Goldman Tennis Center in Golden Gate Park (5 courts), Louis Sutter Playground in McLaren Park (6 courts) in the southeast part of the City, and Larsen Playground (8 courts) in the Sunset District.  Goldman is the only facility with lights & is open from 7AM to 10 PM.  Reservations are required and court fees apply. Sutter and Larsen are open during daylight hours, great for walk-on/drop-in play and free.  Neither site hosts scheduled group drop-in session.

You may prefer a venue with scheduled drop-in play sessions – locations where players just show up and join court play by putting down your paddle or using a “paddle rack” queue to be “next up”.  These courts are great for visitors, new players or those who hate to make group arrangements.

Sutter and Larsen both have all-day drop-in play.  For drop-in at dual-lined venues, there may be open hour restrictions, but we recommend you go to Presidio Wall, Rossi, or Parkside Square Playground.  Please check the specific court for open hour details and some have rolling nets so you don’t need to bring your own net.

Locations requiring  reservations are booked on the SF Rec & Park Court Reservation System (https://sfrecpark.org/1591/Reservable-Pickleball-Courts).  Reservations are free, and can be reserved either 2 days or a week in advance.  Reservations can be hard to book however, and hours and time-on-court are limited.

The multi-lined reservable courts are:

  • Presidio Wall (up to 12 PB reservable)
  • Rossi Playground (8 courts, 4 reservable (on I tennis court, plus 4 walk-on)
  • Upper Noe (2 PB Courts on 1 tennis court)
  • Richmond Playground (2 PB courts)

A public venue opened downtown called East Cut Crossing has 3 courts in a neighborhood gathering center at the re-purposed East Bay Temporary Transit Center.  It has food trucks and other sport features.  It is walk-on only.

-May, 2023