What’s Next for Presidio Wall?

If you play at Presidio Wall, you’ve seen this new super-size sign. It reads: ‘NO PICKLEBALL OR TENNIS PLAY BEFORE 7 AM AND AFTER 6 PM”

Maybe this is just a winter’s day schedule thing.  The posting was sure a surprise to local players. Maybe too noisy? Bad behavior perhaps? Problem is, we can’t get anyone at Rec & Park (RPD) to explain. Once daylight savings time starts in March, locked gates at 6PM are going to be very frustrating.
If you go to the sign’s QR link, you’ll still see the familiar 2023 schedule and reminder that the PW court play schedule extension granted us this summer was temporary until Larsen Playground opened.

RPD is expecting (hoping?) to see a big player migration from PW to Larsen, and they may even revert the play schedule to all that wasteful noontime scrambling we did last year to book courts on Spotery. Ugh!  Let’s hope not.

As we all know, Pickleball continues to see tremendous growth on the few multi-court City locations we have available. Presidio has often hosted some 200 players at PW on summer weekend days this past year, so even if 50% migrate to Larsen – it’s still a big number who will remain playing at PW.

And here’s the bigger issue – after Larsen, there is nothing in the pipeline for more courts and no strategic master plan, as promised, prepared yet by RPD to address more participation or more court space. Oh yeah, City budgets are being cut too. So any new court projects will require creative funding.

Since we have been asked by RPD to suggest potential “next places” for some courts – we’d like to hear from you.  Or maybe just email GM Phil Ginsburg and the Rec & Park Commission directly. Squeaky wheels ….

Anyway, info updates or changes to PW scheduling will be sent out once revealed. In the meantime – Keep on dinking – before 6 PM please.