Larsen Courts Grand Opening  – Mon, Dec 18, 2023

The new 8-court Pickleball venue at Larsen Playground is now open for play since Monday, December 18.  Hurrah!

Opening ceremonies were rained out, but an impromptu “ribbon cutting” took place among the hardy players that showed up.  A reschedule may occur with a few dignitaries and refreshments.

This facility is located at 19th Ave and Vicente Ave in the Sunset.  This brand new venue features 8 courts with permanent nets, allowing for all-day drop-in play.  The venue has 2 “pods” of 4 courts each with entry/exit gates at the corners, so make sure to pay attention to the signs when you or your group select a play court.  There will be paddle racks to manage “wait queues” for all the courts.

In the spirit of Pickleball community inclusiveness, every court is open to ALL players regardless of skill or experience.  However, to keep play a little more fun and challenging for everyone, it’s best to decide what level of drop-in play you are seeking at Larsen – beginner, intermediate or advanced, and queue up for courts that match with your comfort level.  Beginner/intermediate players will match better by using the WEST (lower) court pod, and Intermediate/Advanced players will find the EAST (upper) pod a better challenge.  Please use the matching pod paddle queue for your comfort level when choosing your court play.

Unfortunately with 8-courts, there is very little boundary space for non-players to walk or linger.  We want to keep spectator traffic inside the fence to a minimum and there is no seating inside the perimeter fence.  We urge you to wait OUTSIDE the perimeter fencing if you are in a “next up” paddle queue, so consider bringing a portable chair or be prepared to sit on the lawn

We also recommend you look at the bulletin board mounted on the fence to find additional court play and etiquette rules, all suggested as ways to keep play moving and our players respectful of common sense values the Community holds for fair play and good fun.

All the City venues operate best when our players volunteer, and there is a team of “Court Ambassadors” that will help out with player needs/suggestions and do their best to maintain the courts in good play condition.  Identify them by their colorful VOLUNTEER vest.  And don’t hesitate to jump in and sweep, pick up litter, or help out visitors yourself.  Communities thrive on active participation by each and every member.

It’s very exciting to get this venue open and the Community appreciates that Rec & Park is delivering a new and much-needed quality play space resource for dedicated use by the growing number of Pickleball participants in the City.