Mary Catherine Jue

Former Richmond District resident Mary Jue started playing pickleball when an old friend invited her to a game in Golden Gate Park.  A recluse after her mother died, Mary seized the invitation as a way out of her self-imposed seclusion. “I’ve always been an athlete”, she explained. “I wanted to socialize and pickleball is perfect for that. You play with people at all levels. Mixing and matching. Not like tennis where you play with the people you come with. And when you’re not playing, you sit on the sidelines and talk.”

Mary, who is the Director of Nursing at the San Francisco Unified School District, confessed that during this pandemic year, often her only outlet was walking over to the Louis Sutter court to “play pickleball and hit that ball hard.”   Mary is a tournament-level player and has won many a trophy.  She plans to be in the USAPA Western Regional this fall.  With her quick reflexes and a two-handed backhand stroke, we expect her to go far.

-Judy Goddess