The McAteer Tennis Courts at Stern Grove will be out of commission for quite awhile as they repair the hillside damage in the Grove from the water main break.

As a result, Pickleball venue options have recently expanded and we have the following updates courtesy of the SF Rec & Park Dept (RPD):

  • Parkside Square (2680 28th Ave at Vicente) across the SG canyon from the McAteer courts.
    • This 4 tennis court complex will be painted with 8 pickleball court lines.  Painting date is Fri, Oct 8.
    • Drop-in reservations for Pickleball will be DAILY from 12 noon – 3 PM on courts 1 & 2 (i.e. 4 PB courts reserved for drop-in play). Start date is Sat, Oct 9 (paint job permitting).
    • Courts 1-4 will be on RPD’s Spotery tennis reservation system outside drop-in hours.  Bring your own net.
    • A net storage box is onsite to support drop-in play sessions.
    • There is a convenient bathroom.
  • Rossi Playground (600 Arguello Blvd at Anza)
    • Two of the 3 tennis courts have been already dual-lined and the third court will soon be painted for a total of 6 pickleball courts behind the pool building.
    • Currently open for walk-on play; NO court reservations. RPD taking comments on adding Rossi to the Spotery reservation system.
    • You must bring your own net/balls.
  • Richmond Playground (149 18th Ave. near Lake St.)
    • One tennis court has been dual-lined to make 2 pickleball courts
    • No reservations.  You must being your own net.

Plus more INDOOR options:

  • Richmond Rec Center (251 18th Ave. near California St.)
    • Indoor gym play on Sat from 9:30 AM – Noon
    • 4 courts.  Already started in September – good play!
  • Hamilton Rec Center (1900 Geary Blvd at Steiner St,)
    • Indoor gym play TU and TH from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM.
    • 2 courts.  Play begins Oct 12.