Presidio Wall Playground

12 Multi-use Pickleball courts

The Presidio – Pacific Ave. & Spruce St.

  • Presidio Wall (formerly Julius Khan) is a multi-use tennis facility.  Presidio Wall is the main free pickleball play facility in the northern part of San Francisco.
  • There are 12 lined mixed-use courts for Pickleball (on 4 tennis courts). Six courts are used for overflow when the 6 primary courts used for drop-in are full.  Courts require portable nets.  Roll-on nets are available and bagged nets are stored on-site for drop-in sessions.
  • Players of all levels are welcome.  Some loaner paddles are available in the storage box.
  • We are a VERY friendly group of players.  It can get quite crowded so best to arrive at opening time.
  • Introductory class is held every TU at 10:30 AM.  Please view Intro to Pickleball video before attending.
  • Restrooms and water are available. It can get chilly with wind and fog on some mornings, especially in summer.  Dress in layers.  Bring sunglasses and a visor. No play if courts are wet.

PARKING IS AVAILABLE AT THE COURTS.  Drive onto West Pacific Ave via Arguello Blvd to park on the shoulder near the playground courts.  West Pacific Ave no longer allows thru traffic east of the playground to Presidio Ave.  Alternately, you can park at the Golf Course clubhouse parking lot and walk to the courts.  Parking on neighborhood streets is allowed south of the rock wall, but beware the street cleaning signs since tickets are over $80.

Play Schedule


The #1/#2 Tennis courts are open for dedicated DROP-IN pickleball play from opening at dawn until sunset, except for seasonal use by high schools during posted hours, usually from 3 – 5:30 in Spring and Fall.  Roll on nets on-site.  Courts  #3/#4  can be used for overflow when #1/2 are full & no tennis players are waiting.

WEEKENDS and HOLIDAYS  – dedicated Pickleball play on Tennis courts #1/#2 available ALL DAY.  Hours for drop-in play & court reservations apply and listed below.  Tennis Courts 3/4 access has limitations as listed below.

  • Drop-in group play: Courts 1 &2, dawn – dusk except when reserved, and Courts 3 & 4, 12 noon – 1:30 PM.
  • Individual Pickleball Reservable Courts: Courts 1&2, 1:30-4:30 pm – Pickleball courts can be booked on the Spotery Court Reservation System (see link below) as 6 separate reservable Pickleball courts (A-F).  If a court is not reserved,  it is available for drop-in group play.
  • Courts 3 & 4 are reservable outside the dedicated noon-1:30 window for Pickleball.

Play outside of dedicated PB session hours above.

Make a tennis court reservation or you can walk-on only if the court is empty and not reserved (see link below).  Roll-on nets are available – must bring own paddle & balls.

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