“After Hours” On-site net storage at Presidio & Rossi

A green SFPC “After-Hours Nets” storage box with a Pickleball net inside is available for use by players on the dual-lined courts at these two venues.  In a trial with SF Rec & Park, players can access and set up a portable net for use whenever they have a court reservation outside of the regularly scheduled drop-in hours at these venues.
No more lugging your personal net from your car!

Presidio Wall
– Storage box is located outside the court area next to our large Storage box.
Rossi Playground
– Our Green Box is placed adjacent to Court #3 near the basketball court.

Please abide by these RULES FOR USE:

  • These nets are for public use and you need to have a tennis court reservation (via Spotery.com) or walk-on a vacant court.   Use the QR code on the Storage Box top sign to see court reservation status.
  • You need to register yourself using the QR code on the storage box top to get the combination lock code for the box.  Once you have the lock code, you may continue to use it – no need to re-register.
  • You must bring your own paddles & balls
  • Please neatly fold-up the net and remember to securely re-lock the storage box when done.
  • Please notify us with any issues or difficulties in accessing the nets.  Go to http://www.pickleballsf.com and send us a note or suggestions.

Theft and vandalism are our biggest worry and your registration will help us gauge the success of this trial program.  Thank you for your cooperation.