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Pickleball Update & Gear Fundraiser

Hello all. Hope this finds you in good health, and in good shape despite the extended lock down. Thanks for your patience – weird times. The good news is that we do expect a return of Pickleball to SF in the next phase of re-opening.  It will probably be singles play, with social distancing, masks and health/safety rules followed by tennis. Outdoor play would resume at […]

Rec & Park Survey – please add your voice

Let the City know we want “Permanent” pickleball courts at Presidio Wall Park. We are asking our members to complete the attached on-line survey from Rec & Parks. https://app.maptionnaire.com/en/7025/ It only takes a couple of minutes. Just make sure: 1. You highlight Presidio Wall Park 2. Express interest in getting “PERMANENT” courts(so we don’t have […]

USAPA Pickleball Official Rules – 2020 Updates

Ever wonder what the rules say when your watch flies off and lands in the non-volley zone as you are making that perfect dink return winner? Well, here’s a link to the USAPA Rule Book : https://www.usapa.org/ifp-official-rules/ . And here’s the changes-only document for 2020. https://www.usapa.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/2020-Change-Document-FINAL.pdf Enjoy! p.s. the answer is it’s a fault. See […]