During the last couple of weeks the weather has been unpredictable from the low 50s to the mid 90s.  Sun and wind can play havoc with you.  Since you can’t change the elements when you play outdoors, you should use them to your favor.

If you are a person that takes a while to warm up when it is cool, wear clothing that can keep your muscles warm.  Just doing jumping jacks or jogging in place before stretching can help you with your balance and flexibility before you start playing.

If it is going to be hot the day you play, hydrate the night before.  During play drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty.  If you are playing in a tournament, the extra stress and physical exertion burns through your energy supplies quickly, so find an energy/protein that you like and take a bite every 10/15 minutes while playing.  Carbo load a couple of days ahead and protein load the day you play. You will be surprised at how well your MIND will let your muscles work.

Unless the sun is straight up, there is generally a side of the court that plays easier.  If the game is 11 points and you change sides at 6 points, I would chose the sun side first because there is less pressure in the beginning points.  There are many scenarios to what you can do, so talk to your partner.

Nobody likes wind.  So your job is to figure out how the wind is going to help you.  If you play against hard hitters, put them with the wind to their backs and hopefully they will hit balls long.  If your opponents are short or soft hitters, put them against the wind and you should control the no volley area.  Learn to lob. You know how you dislike hitting a lob coming to you when it is windy.  Take advantage of cross winds by using them.  Hit down the middle and cause confusion because the wind may move the ball from one player to the other player. Learn to lob and to lob serve.

There is one element that you have full control of.  It’s your FUN element.  So if the FUN element is missing, come talk with me.

Pickle Relish Mitch