Help Upgrade Pickleball in McLaren Park

Please note that the deadline for survey submission was extended to Aug 31, 2023 by Rec & Park.

As a result of a Parks Improvement 2020 Bond Measure, there is public money available to improve the Louis Sutter Playground Pickleball court facility.  RPD is conducting a public process to solicit feedback on how best to allocate these funds for specific McLaren Park projects.  The short list includes TWO opportunities we submitted that benefit our Pickleball playing community:

  1. Lighting for the existing 6 court venue (allows evening play) 
  2. Building additional courts adjacent to the current footprint (more courts!)

How can you HELP NOW?

Respond to Rec & Park’s Citizen Survey on Project Priorities at
before August 31.

This will take you about 5-10 minutes. The survey will walk you through other worthy project options for funding, including additional park features or items like infrastructure improvements.  You’ll find Louis Sutter Pickleball projects on slides 6 and 8, so be patient and don’t forget to submit your priorities on the last page 9.

Why we support this choice

  • We want to see more court facilities made available to our rapidly growing multi-generational player community – this is an excellent opportunity to make that happen.
  • Louis Sutter has been an excellent permanent court venue since 2018 – these projects will help energize the neighborhood and make Sutter a premier “place-to-play” with minimal local impact.
  • Sutter meets all Pickleball venue requirements and enables more local hosting of Citywide tournaments with permit fee revenues helping to support SF RPD.
  • Enhances the City’s image as being recreationally aware and able to attract out-of-town visitors seeking a “playcation” option.

This survey is just  one step in RPD’s process of determining how to allocate remaining McLaren Park bond funds. Even if citizen preference goes a certain way, there may still be budget constraints which could require additional funds to cover the financial gap.  And although we continue to advocate for more Pickleball access in the Northern part of the city, we also believe any expansion helps, and this opportunity at Sutter may be achievable in a shorter time horizon.


IMAGINE: Lighted Courts or Up to 8 More Courts !!