Presidio Wall

Big thanks to Joyce and all the folks she works with to secure reservations and set up the courts each day. Their efforts in doing a great job the last couple of months has made all the difference in allowing pickleball to be played again at Presidio until Rec & Park reinstates the dedicated play session reservations we had pre-pandemic.  We are trying to get this set up again with the RPD Court Reservations team. 

Our storage box is back in use, and stocked with six nets, brooms and squeegees, loaner paddles, a first aid kit, and various “lost” clothing items.  Attendance on the weekends has been from 30 to 45 players per day.  Families with children are part of the mix now, along with Presidio Heights neighbors and people just walking along the park and invited to join the fun.

The recent high winds created fencing and wind screen problems. Rec and Park was notified and came out to replace the wind screens along court one, and secure the fencing on the north side.  Thanks to RPD Maintenance for tending to this.

We need more used paddles for our loaner program. If you’re able to help, contact Bill Lafferty.

Stern Grove

Big Changes!  Rec and Park has been responsive and supportive of several key improvements at Stern Grove. Thanks to Dana Ketcham and team for your support!

  • Permanent drop-in group play times are now available for pickleball each day of the week.  M-F 10:30 am- 1:30 pm; Weekends: Noon – 3 pm.
  • Lines for 2 more pickleball courts are being painted, giving Stern Grove a total of 6 lined courts shared with the 2 tennis courts. 

Pickleball is thriving at Stern Grove. Each day there are approximately 16-40 players on our courts.  A storage box will be available at Stern Grove later this month. The box will be used to store community nets, balls, and maintenance equipment.

Kudos to players who worked relentlessly over the past 4 months to ensure court availability and set-up at Stern Grove. Thank you for your commitment: Bill O, Debbie W., Debbie Y., Ed D., Joe C., Koz T., Lisa L., Liz T., Panna L.,  Pemmy Y., Phil N., Raymond Y., Ron J., Steven W., Tim G, Tom C., Tom J., and YK.

Louis Sutter Pickleball Complex

With permanent nets, Sutter is always available for drop-in and group play.  The lockdown has resulted in a huge increase in the number of “at home” ( or perhaps “at work”?) players frequenting the courts during late morning and afternoon hours.  Weekends remain quite busy and paddle stacking is often required until the afternoon winds kick in.  

The Wednesday drop-in Round Robin is going strong and provides an opportunity for novice and intermediate players to improve their game against a variety of opponents.  And Sutter is a good option for advanced drop-in, especially on Saturday mornings.  

Please see the articles on two local players, Jack and Mary, elsewhere in this newsletter, and come out and enjoy the best dedicated Pickleball court facility in the City.

Goldman Tennis Center – Golden Gate Park

The mini-courts (aka pickleball courts) at GTC are a smash hit!  Very popular, these five reservation-only courts are busy with Pickleball play at 75% of capacity on average  during the week, and  80%-97% on weekends, despite all those cold Pacific winds.  The court surface is absolutely the best in the Bay Area, and the whole facility is a great place to play and relax.  After June 15 when restrictions are dropped, visitors can view the action, or just hang out in the various lounge areas throughout the clubhouse and grounds.

Lifetime Activities (LA), the venue Operator, has responded to the following community questions:

  • Training Classes – PB offerings have been well received with over 180 students enrolled in 6-week sessions.  Right now, all classes are booked for summer, but you can get on the waiting list.  LA is looking to hire a teaching pro to address the backlog.
  • Drop-in Sessions – None this summer, but LA has said they are in planning to launch both weekday and weekend drop-in sessions in Fall. Stay tuned.
  • To cancel reservations or to reserve Court 15, you must give LA a telephone call.
  • Installation of low, ball-stopper “gates” between the 2 front/2 back courts are under consideration. Voice your opinion, yeah or nay.
  • Clocks are being installed around GTC

Send us a message and let us know about your GTC experience, or give the LA front desk any venue improvement suggestions.  They’re a great team.