SF Rec & Park Proposal for Court Reservation Fees

In case you missed the announcement that was posted along with the completed rollout of the new REC Court Reservation System:

A proposal to begin charging a $5 fee for Tennis & Pickleball court reservations will be considered by the SF Rec & Park Commission on May 2, 2PM at City Hall before the Operations Committee.

Open Play (walk-on) hours will remain free for Pickleball.  A primary objective is to give incentive for players to show up, or be sure to cancel their reservation on the system, rather than be a “no show” and leave desirable courts empty and underutilized.

If you would like to comment on the proposal, please email REC-courts@sfgov.org or recpark.commission@sfgov.org.

Official Agenda Item Link and Text:
Discussion and possible action to recommend that the Board of Supervisors approve an ordinance to amend Section 12.41 of the Park Code to institute a $5 per hour fee to reserve tennis and pickleball courts at locations other than the Golden Gate Park Tennis Center.

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