The Woons: A Mother and Son Team

The mother and son team of May and Dylan Woon are on the Stern Grove courts almost every morning (that is, before the water main broke).

May Woon is an experienced tennis player. She started playing as a child and has been playing ever since. The tournament trophies attest that it’s her sport. “My (tennis) partner and I play from 7:30 to 9 am. Dylan usually arrives around 9,  sets up the pickleball net and I work with him.”

Dylan also started playing tennis in his youth, but the game had less of a hold on him and he gave it up after high school.  In fact, he hadn’t been on a court until his mother introduced him to pickleball. “Now he’s become addicted,” she said. Dylan agreed. “I love the game; it’s a great workout. It leaves me drenched in sweat.” But after a break and some conversation with friends on the sidelines, he’s ready to pick up the paddle again.

Tennis will always be May’s passion, but pickleball has a special place in her heart. “I enjoy seeing families on the court, and new players.” And she enjoys introducing those newcomers to the game. “It’s wonderful to see their faces when they start consistently getting the ball over the net.”

When it was pointed out that it can be frustrating as a newcomer, May offered some words of wisdom. “What I see,” she said, “is that new players always want to get good right away. It takes time and practice to find your style and learn the game. The videos on YouTube are helpful.”

But there’s another reason they’re on the court. “I’m happy Dylan enjoys the game, and we can play together,” May said. For his part, Dylan simply replied, “I cherish the time I have with her.”

The twosome also play at Glen Park, Upper Noe, the Presidio Wall, Mitchell Park in Palo Alto, Foster City, and in Alameda. Both have the stamina to play for hours.

- Judy Goddess