The latest Health Orders (Sept 1) placed Pickleball in the same recreational opening category as Tennis and Golf. This means you can now go an play pickleball, with certain restrictions, in outdoor venues in San Francisco.

To see the text of the revised health order, see the link or summary below:


  • Singles tennis and pickleball may be played between members of different households while maintaining social distancing requirements at all times.
  • Doubles tennis or pickleball may be played between members of different households only if doubles team members are from the same household and all players maintain social distancing requirements.
  • Players to mark their balls with clear and unique markings [and] touch only their own marked balls.
  • No spectators or persons other than Players unless spectators strictly follow rules for Outdoor Gatherings.
  • No tournament style event, competitions, group instruction, or clinics.


  • No special reservations or holds for Pickleball sessions in this phase.
  • Presidio Wall and Upper Noe courts can be reserved through the tennis court reservation system ( up to one week in advance.
  • Stern Grove and Louis Sutter are available as walk-on play.