” Doubles tennis and pickleball may be played outdoors between members of up to four different Households. Singles tennis and pickleball may be played indoors or outdoors between members of different Households subject to the capacity and other safety protocols for use of indoor recreation facilities. Tennis and pickleball players from different Households should not share equipment and should maintain at least six feet of distance between each other to the greatest extent possible—it is strongly recommended that they maintain that distance at all times ”

Please be aware of the current rules and exhibit good sense and courtesy on the court about social distancing and mask wearing.  All INDOOR SF Rec Centers venues remain CLOSED.  The (private membership) Bay Club at the Cow Palace is open for indoor pickleball play.

Also be aware there are NO guaranteed “drop-in” sessions at this time.  We are working to get drop-in play sessions available as soon as health restrictions and facility opening issues permit.  Stay tuned for updates.

The City’s OUTDOOR Rec & Park Pickleball venues,  Sutter, Stern Grove, Presidio, and now Golden Gate Park, are quite active with players coming out whenever the weather permits.  The new Goldman Tennis Center in Golden Gate Park has 5 lighted, full-time courts for evening play.

Here’s a rundown of what to expect at each venue.

  1. Louis Sutter – All day play on 6 courts.  Getting (over)crowded  on weekend mornings and even most weekday mornings.  Consider showing up later in the day to improve your chances of finding an open court for your group.   Folks new to Pickleball are coming out along with top notch competition players.
  2. Stern Grove – As courts are shared with tennis players, reservations are a must and the local players have been super alert in getting court reservations on the Spotery system that ensures they can set-up and play.  Aiming for mornings from 10:30-1:30 try this Google calendar link to see if a spot has been snagged and if 2 or 4 (or 6) PB courts will be set up or not.  SG Google Calendar Link  (sorry, no tech support comes with using this).
  3. Presidio Wall – Same story about sharing with tennis, but the local player group has not been as committed about using Spotery.  Hence, it can be hit or miss when arriving and finding nets set up.  The team is trying for 10:30 -1:30 on F,SA,SU,M, but it’s probably best to arrive with a net as a walk-on to improve your chance to play if you do not have a reserved court yourself.
  4. GTC – Goldman Tennis Center is open for reservations on the new facility operator’s website –  GTC is pay-to-play, but fees for reserved courts are reasonable (from $4/court/hour for weekday seniors to $9/court/hour on weekends and evenings, or about $2-$3 per person each hour).

Bottom line – you should go out and enjoy yourself.  Stay safe and let’s hope for a rapid return to normalcy and a year where everyone gets a chance to dink and hit their share of backhand winners.