Larsen Playground – Pickleball Court Project Update – June, 2023

Here’s the official communication from SF Rec & Park:


In early 2023, the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission approved the proposal to convert Larsen Playground’s one tennis and one basketball court into eight dedicated pickleball courts. After extensive collaboration and work between the Pickleball Working Group, SF Tennis Coalition, and San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (RPD), this court conversion was a step forward in providing balanced recreational opportunities for all groups.

The Larsen Playground court conversion will meet the Pickleball Working Group’s three main priorities:

·       a dedicated pickleball complex on the west side of the city

·       easily accessible restrooms

·       reasonable access to parking


This summer 2023, Rec and Park will begin the exciting process of constructing the Larsen Pickleball Complex. After receiving feedback from the pickleball and tennis communities, Rec and Park will begin the first of its two phases of construction in late summer 2023.

 Phase 1 (late summer 2023)

  • Fence posts will be secured in new concrete footings and a standard redwood border will be installed around the asphalt court perimeter.
  • The center retaining wall will be reinforced and new fencing and windscreens will be added.
  • Crews will remove problematic vegetation and roots that impact the existing asphalt to allow for a smooth consistent court surface.

Phase 2 (fall 2023)

  • Tennis and basketball nets and posts will be removed.
  • Courts will be resurfaced and lined with pickleball stripes in the standard north to south orientation (see attachment).

·       Pickleball nets will be mounted.

The tennis and basketball courts will remain open between phase 1 and phase 2 of the project. To help with interim pickleball demand, RPD has temporarily expanded the dedicated pickleball hours at Presidio Wall.


Recognizing the impact on other sports communities, Rec and Park will pause any further conversion of sports courts to dedicated pickleball courts while it identifies underutilized public space that can support future dedicated pickleball complexes within the city. We welcome any suggestions from the community on locations to add new pickleball courts. Note, it is most feasible to add courts to the existing hardscape.

We thank you for your involvement in the pickleball community!




Barbara Swan-Chami

Manager of Policy and Public Affairs


San Francisco Recreation and Park Department

City & County of San Francisco

McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park

501 Stanyan Street | San Francisco, CA | 94117


Direct: (415) 831-6813