Update on Court Reservation Fees

You may be aware of the RPD proposal to assess a $5 per hour reservation fee for all Tennis and Pickleball courts on their new Court Reservation System, leaving “Open Play” (drop-in) courts FREE to play.

There was immediate pushback from our Community, but the Court Fee Proposal was approved by the Rec & Park Commission and sent up to the Board of Supervisors’  Budget & Appropriations Committee which was approving the Mayor’s FY25 City budget this week.

A very committed team of Pickleballers, joined by some tennis players, managed to convince Committee Supervisors that the Court Reservation Fee proposal was flawed and an unfair charge on our Community.  While the Supes thought charging a fee for exclusive use of a Park resource was justifiable, there were just too many unanswered questions and details about fair application of sport usage fees in RPD’s language.  Faced with a deadline for the FY Budget, they “tabled” the proposal – so NO FEES FOR COURT RESERVATIONS FOR NOW. Kudos to the team and their efforts.

No comment from RPD, but it’s probable that a reworked Proposal will resurface, so be prepared to hear more about this later.

Keep on dinking!!